Aqua Cat Background

Ahoy there ! A warm welcome to the home of the mighty Aqua Cat Dinglehopper, the world’s first surf-launched salt and freshwater RC bait boat. Put a game fish on your line without leaving the beach when you use this phenomenal little boat to drop your baited line behind the breakers where the big ones bite. Unlike other RC bait boats which are easily blown off course, cannot operate in wet weather or under water and are limited to use in dams, rivers or lakes, the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper stays on course in wind and rain, it is fully submersible and totally self-righting ! Experience a-thrill-a-second as you become Captain of the ship, navigating this phenomenal little boat into the ocean, ploughing through the surf, traversing huge swells and jumping the crests of rolling waves. Add a whole new dimension to every fishing trip and be mesmerised by the sheer genius and innovation of a bait boat that thinks it’s a Dolphin. Why wait ? Take the plunge now and experience pure fishing magic, we look forward to welcoming you on board !


Rock and surf anglers everywhere have long dreamed of a miraculous fishing tool that would drop their baited hooks hundreds of metres into the ocean, way behind the back-line where the big fish feed… that far-off spot where not even the greatest of champions can cast their lines.

Necessity is the mother of invention and so the world’s first surf-launched RC bait boat was born. However, inventing the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper was no easy feat. To produce a craft small enough to fit under a man’s arm yet powerful enough to brave the churning tides demanded not only a fair amount of genius but also incredible patience and determination.

For the boat to successfully operate in the sea it needed to be extremely robust, fully submersible and totally self-righting.  After two years of intense R & D and having ‘bet the farm’, a working prototype finally saw the light. The Aqua Cat Dinglehopper was introduced in a double spread editorial in a popular national fishing magazine in October 2004 which resulted in an avalanche of phone calls and interest from ardent fishermen everywhere.

Since then the mighty Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo has been making waves around the globe so do not be surprised if you see this very proud-to-be-South African product in action on your local beach, wherever you may be !

In a Nutshell…

With the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo, the world’s one and only surf-launched salt- and freshwater RC bait boat, anyone who loves fishing and places great value on their leisure time can enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of “Putting a game fish on their line without leaving the beach !”

Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo on the beach. Cherry Red with white hull.

AQUA CAT DINGLEHOPPER TURBO – Surf launched RC bait boat for salt & fresh water fishing. Cherry Red with white hull.

Watch Live Video Footage of the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper in Action!