Aquacat Turbo X jumping the crest of a wave

What new developments are available?

We have some exciting new developments which will make the Aquacat even more effective than she already is. The Cat’s existing Autopilot can now be integrated with Bluetooth functionality so that you can easily set up and store missions using an app on your Android device. Where you would previously have had to sail to a destination waypoint to mark and store it you’ll now be able to do it all on your phone before your boat hits the water.

The most advanced new tech upgrade available is the Bluetooth to telemetry link which offers an impressive 3 upgrades all rolled into one! You’ll be able to conveniently set up and store missions on your smartphone as well as receive long range real time monitoring of your mission. You’ll get data on your boats heading, speed, distance from shore, distance to waypoint, total mission distance, etc up to 750 yards. You’ll also be able to sail your boat further than the remote controllers limit because your boat will be sailing autonomously in Auto mode.

Both of these developments are available as optional accessories when ordering a new boat.

What’s the difference between the AQUACAT Turbo X and the Turbo?

The third and current generation Aquacat – the Aquacat Turbo X – was launched in 2015. Sporting a redefined, lighter body shell, higher rated brushless motor designed to work with higher performance lipo and li-on batteries as well as seamless GPS autopilot and fish finder integration, the Aquacat Turbo X is lighter, faster, more powerful, more intelligent than ever before.

This amazing 8,5kg, 1m long craft is ready to go fishing whenever you are. Tow much bigger baits than you could with a drone in conditions that wouldn’t be safe if you were on kayak, jet ski or ski boat. Designed to be in the ocean, when this phenomenal little bait boat hits the water, she’s exactly where she wants to be. Fully submersible and totally self righting, the AQUACAT Turbo X is the most effective, robust, reliable bait hauler on the market today.

How far can I take my Aquacat Turbo X from shore before losing radio signal?

The operating range of the standard radio equipment included with every Aquacat Turbo X is up to a maximum of 1000 yards (915m) depending on how high above sea level you are standing.

TIP: Position yourself higher up the beach if possible and hold the remote controller at chin level with the remote aerial orientated vertically to optimise range.

Is Auto Return / Return To Launch Feature (RTL) available and will it kick in if my Aquacat sails out of radio range?

Your Turbo X can be supplied with GPS Auto Pilot which offers both Return to Launch (RTL) and Saved Waypoint Sailing features(SWS). This system does not require Bluetooth or telemetry link to function. It is linked directly to your remote controller and offers simple, affordable, entry level access to Auto Pilot technology.

The RTL function can be activated manually and will kick in automatically if radio signal is lost for more than 20 seconds.

Can I control Auto Pilot missions on my smartphone? What happens if the mission I plan is outside of the radio range?

Our new Bluetooth Integration and Bluetooth to Telemetry link Kit add-ons will allow you to set up and store Autopilot missions on your Android device. (IOS not supported at this stage).

Provided that the route is within radio range you will be able to interrupt the mission with the remote controller if you have opted for standard Bluetooth Integration or using your smart phone if you have selected the Bluetooth to Telemetry Link Kit.

If the mission is outside of signal range you will not be able to interrupt the trip as the boat will now be sailing autonomously by time and not by radio signal. The default mission time is 5 mins. The boat will complete the route and return to home provided it is within this preloaded 5 min limit. If the mission has not yet been completed by the 5 min mark the boat will return to home. Once the boat is within radio signal range again you will again be able to interrupt the mission.

The default 5 min mission time can be changed by the user although as a precautionary measure we advise against this in most instances.

What does the Fish Finder included with the Fully Loaded Kit do?

Our long range Fish Finder provides precision detection of reefs, underwater obstacles, the presence, depth and relative size of fish. Here are a few helpful specs:

Depth capability: 130ft
Range: 700 yards (640m)
Display: 4.3″ TFT color LCD; Sunlight Viewable
Sonar Alarms: Fish / Shallow / Low Battery
Sonar unit size: 153 x110 x 44mm

What size bait can I tow with my Aquacat?

Your Aquacat Turbo X boasts an impressive thrust of 33 lbs. That’s enough torque to tow up to 20lbs (9kgs) of hydrodynamic weight. It’s extremely important that the baits are hydrodynamic (ideally a whole fish or slender cuts) so that they are able to plane behind the boat once it is moving at sufficient speed. The bait should also be towed up close behind your boat. We recommend 2 inches / 5cm behind to help reduce drag and preserve your battery. You’ll also want to be sure that you don’t have your sinker or weight dragging in the sand a couple of meters behind the boat. This will act as an anchor creating excess drag that will put your boat and batteries under unnecessary strain. It should hang off the left pin on the bait flap.

Towing non-hydrodynamic bait too far behind your boat is the quickest way to deplete your batteries and risk overheating your speed controller. The speed controller supplies power to the motor so it’s vital that you avoid overloading it. If it overheats the thermal trip will kick in to protect the motor and cause the boat to cut out. If you’ve overloaded the speed controller to this excessive extent it’s likely you’ve also greatly depleted your batteries which will make powering up your boat again potentially problematic, particularly if you are using lead acid batteries. This scenario can easily be avoided by simply following our bait recommendations and operating instructions.

We strongly recommend spending a few days familiarizing yourself with your new Turbo X, reading the instructions thoroughly and taking her for a few test runs before venturing out on a massive fishing expedition.

If you have towed a particularly large bait we recommend opening the hatch for 5 – 7 minutes to allow hot air trapped in the hull to be expelled before running the next bait.

If you plan to run your boat very frequently we recommend reducing the hydrodynamic weight of your bait a little for longevity of the drive train and battery life.

Is the enclosed bait compartment standard and can I transport live baits in it?

The bait compartment is standard on all boats and live or dead baits up to 10″ long x 5″ wide x 2″ high (25cm x 12cm x 6cm) can be transported in the tray.

What batteries do I need for my Aquacat and are they included ?

Your Turbo X can operate using a pair of 12 V 9Ah Lead acid batteries or a single S6 Li-on (22.2 Volt) Lipo or Li-on battery pack.

Please note: Batteries are NOT included with export shipments due to IATA restrictions. We have already adjusted our prices to compensate for this.L

Lead Acid Batteries: Unless otherwise specified, the seating in the boat is arranged for the boat to operate on two 12 Volt 9Amp/hour Lead Acids batteries connected in series to provide the 24 Volts needed to run the motor.

These are not high performance cells so you will likely need to carry a couple of spare sets. They are relatively inexpensive and should be available from any reputable battery dealer.

Besides price, another advantage of using these cells is that virtually any 4 to 6 Amp  automotive charger can be used to charge them.

Available online here: Amazon (click here)

Lipo Battery Packs:The alternative is a  high performance metal type battery such as a 16000mAh S6 Lipo pack will provide the same run distance as 3 sets of Lead Acid cells  i.e 6 x 12 Volt batteries in total. A dedicated Lipo charger will also be required to charge and maintain the pack. If you can’t park your vehicles close to where you fish, a Lipo pack is ideal.

Battery packs and suitable charger available online here:

 6s 16Ah Lipo Battery Pack (US based): Gens Tattu (click here)

6s 16Ah Lipo Battery Pack: Foxtech (click here)

Charger: Amazon (click here)

Note: If you already have 5 or 6 Ah lipo packs these can be used in your Aquacat. Simply strap them together and connect them in parallel. Two packs will give you 10Ah and three packs will give you 15Ah.

What is the run time / run distance on a single charge?

  • 2 X 12 Volt Lead Acid batteries – run time 22 minutes / 2500 yards staggered use i.e min 5min recovery time between trips
  • S6 16Ah Lipo or Li-on pack  – run time 55 minutes / 6000 yards run distance
  • S6 30Ah Lipo or Li-on pack  – run time 115 minutes / 12000 yards with no recovery time required between trips 

Does the Aquacat Turbo X come with a warranty?

We offer a 12 month carry-in warranty. We offer after-sales support Monday through Saturday should you require assistance. Should you need urgent help on a Sunday or Public Holiday we are available for emergencies.

How do I place an order?

Visit to complete our online order form.

Once we receive your order form we’ll send a 50% payment request to secure your order. When your boat is ready to be shipped we’ll send a request for the balance.

What is the delivery time?

Our boats are meticulously hand-crafted to perfection with pride, care and precision. The production lead time is approximately 5 weeks. As you wait patiently for your boat rest assured that good things come to those who wait or in this case, great things will be headed your way!

We feel it’s important to mention that we are still under partial lockdown in South Africa and are experiencing delays with certain suppliers which could delay the build time by 2 -4 weeks. We are doing all that we can to find solutions however the situation is beyond our control and is likely to persist until the COVID-19 crisis has passed. We’ll keep you posted about any changes and you’re also welcome to reach out to us for updates on the build progress. We appreciate your understanding and are excited to welcome you aboard #TeamAquacat!

What method of payment can I use?

We accept SWIFT, Wire transfer or EFT. If your bank does not offer online banking we are happy to accept payments via Veem which is an easy, secure online alternative.

About Veem: Veem uses blockchain for its transfers that don’t require intermediaries like banks. By cutting out the middleman, Veem’s transfers are typically faster and cheaper than its competitors. Veem is Comodo certified and keeps your data and personal information safe with up-to-date encryption and advanced protocols. Veem is also insured against theft, hacking and operational losses.

What color options do I have?

The AQUACAT turbo X is available in two bright tropical colours – Cherry Red and Canary Yellow with white hull.

Which components wear out on the boat wear out with frequent use?

The drive shaft seal should be changed every 100 – 150 running hours. Changing the seal is quick and easy with the ‘D/S seal replacement kit’ included with combo options.

What are the basic service requirement and what to do after use?

Rinse the outside of your boat with fresh water with the hatch still fully tightened, wipe down with a soft dry cloth then release hatch.

Can two baited fishing lines be taken out at the same time?

Whilst it is conceivable that two lines could be towed at once, taking a single baited line is recommended for sea fishing.

Can the detachable tip trays usually used for dam fishing be used to carry out chum in the ocean?

Only if the water conditions are calm so that there is little chance of your boat being severely rolled around in the surf which could damage the trays.