Fishy Stories

Friends in ‘high places’

Koos ‘Geelbek’ Visser arrived early at the most sought after fishing spot on the estuary, an old jetty constructed for ferry passengers in years gone by. But to his dismay, the jetty was already full…. well, not really. There was room enough for at least twenty anglers but the twelve that were there had spaced themselves in such a way as to make it impossible for another fisherman to fit in between them, even one as skinny as Geelbek. He made his presence known by coughing a couple of times and thumping down his gear, but all he got was the briefest acknowledgement from the ‘dirty dozen’ who acted as though they owned this ‘high place’.

During the twenty minutes that it took Geelbek to rig up his gear and bait his hooks, there wasn’t a single bite between the twelve ‘superior’ anglers who sat perched high above him on the jetty. With additional tip trays fitted, Geelbek attached two baited lines to his shiny new Aqua Cat Dinglehopper and silently powered out into the churning mouth of the estuary. Sometimes submerged under the waves rolling into the estuary from the ocean, his mighty Aqua Cat stayed perfectly on course as it crossed the spans.

In less than two minutes both of his baits were deployed on the far side of the estuary and within a couple more minutes the little Dinglehopper was back at Geelbek’s side. A moment or two later the reel on Geelbek’s first rod gave off a sharp short ratchet scream. In a flash he grabbed his rod and reeled in a fat 4kg Grunter. Suddenly the twelve were taking notice, there was a rumble and a shaking as all of them moved to one side of the jetty to get a better look at Geelbek, his boat and his fish. At that moment Geelbek’s second rod screamed. Aware that he was now the center of attention, he anchored himself with great animation as he reeled in a lively 6kg Rock Salmon.

This was all too much for the ‘dirty dozen’ who began firing off a barrage of questions at the now ecstatic Geelbek. It didn’t take long before Geelbek was positioned front and center on the jetty, being plied with biltong, coffee and even a couple of blue hard boiled eggs as he ran line after line across the estuary with his Dinglehopper. It was a sight to behold….

And so began a long and rewarding relationship between Geelbek and his Aqua Cat Dinglehopper …. and of course, their twelve humbled friends in high places.

A Fishy Party

Taking your Aqua Cat out way past the back-line is thrilling beyond words but to then watch as your little bait boat develops instant personality when it encounters some creatures of the deep is a once-in-a-lifetime breathtaking experience…

One of our clients who took his boat out to sea couldn’t believe his eyes when a group of dolphins circled his little Aqua Cat Dinglehopper hundreds of metres into the ocean, bumped it, flipped it and played with it for a full half hour! The little boat eagerly joined the fishy party and cheekily dived and bounced around the heavy swells with her newfound deep-sea friends, totally oblivious of the stir she was causing on the beach. Still amused but exhausted the dolphins finally settled down but the little Dinglehopper, full of vigor as is her custom, obeyed her captain’s command and in no time at all she landed back at his feet, safely on the shore.

No Light for the Night

Jim has had his Aqua Cat Dinglehopper for three years now, a treasured part of his fishing gear, in fact he vows never to fish without it ever again. So, when Jim called the other day to order some extras we tried to interest him in a nifty night-light which we felt would be of huge benefit to him since he was an avid freshwater angler and spent many hours at the water’s edge. ‘Oh no thanks, no night light for me,’ Jim said.

Puzzled we wanted to know why on earth he would prefer to struggle in the dark. ‘I work night shift most months’, Jim explained. So if I bought a night light for my Aqua Cat I will have no more excuse to refuse my buddies the use of my little boat whilst I’m at work !’ Well, I’ll be darned.

Nighty Night, Dingly Hoppy

Now I’ve heard it all! An old client of ours, Jan, called the other day to tell us about his recent trip to Henties with his “Aqua Cat er uh Dingely Hoppy”. He and a couple of friends spent a glorious week doing nothing but fish all day, every day. The problem came in when, after watching Jan reel in monster after monster from way behind the back-line with his boat, his fishing buddies started eyeing his little Dinglehopper a trifle too closely for his liking.

Now, according to Jan, having a friendly get together with your fishing buddies is one thing but actually sharing your most trusted fishing tool with any one of them is quite another. So every night Jan would wait for his friends to go to sleep and then quietly take his little Dinglehopper into his room, place it tight against his stretcher and cover himself and his boat with a blanket. That way he was sure that none of his fishing buddies would sneak off to the beach in the early morning hours to reel in the big ones with his little boat! Well done Jan, you win the coveted Dingely Hoppy Father of the Year award!

Watch Live Video Footage of the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper in Action!