Now you don’t need to wait for less wind, better surf or even daylight. Your Aquacat Turbo X is ready to fish whenever you are.

  • Safer than kayaking
  • Not subject to the flight restrictions drones are
  • Delivers large live bait up to 20lbs in hydrodynamic weight
  • Operates in 40mph wind, rain, up to 10ft swells
  • Range up to 1000 yards
  • Available with GPS Auto Pilot and Fish Finder

The most reliable, effective, robust bait delivery craft available on the market today.

Fully submersible and totally self-righting, your meticulously crafted Aquacat Turbo X guarantees a thrill-a-second as she ploughs through the surf, traversing huge swells and jumping the crests of rolling waves to deliver your sizeable bait right where you programmed her to; right where the big ones are biting.