Hi Clive,

Thanks again a million for fixing the minor issues on my second hand Aqua Cat.  I’ll surely come and collect my new turbo model soon.

Attached is a picture of the beautiful Garrick that I caught off Trafalgar beach in December on a whole mackerel.

I couldn’t believe that I could get a bite that quickly.  Under two minutes since launch.  I felt sorry for the guys that have been standing there the whole day with no success.  The Aqua Cat really guarantees success in any weather or conditions.  You get a bite even on days when the fish refuse to bite.

AJ Basson

Aqua Cat lands this Garrick within minutes of launch!

A J Basson with his Garrick caught a few minutes after launching his Aqua Cat.


Hi Clive

I caught this Blackfin with the Aqua Cat yesterday at Boboyi mouth. It weighs +-100kg. The boat is awesome.

Mohammed Moosa

100kg Blackfin caught with Aqua Cat.

Mohammed Moosa shows off the 100kg Blackfin he caught with his Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo.


Hi Clive

This Barracuda taken at +- 350 meters DEEP high tide north of XAI-XAI. Weight KG 6.3

Mario Oliveira

Couta caught using the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper

Mario showing off his Couta caught with the Aqua Cat.


Hi Clive,

Herewith photo of Raggie caught yesterday using hopper. Bait taken out about 500m.
Hope the weather turns now and then you will get photo’s of the monster zambie’s!
Precaudal length: 186cm (female)

1.88m Male Raggie caught with Aqua Cat.

Manie Labuschagne shows off the 1.88m Raggie male he caught using the Aqua Cat.


Another Raggie caught further north ….

1.86m Raggie caught using the Aqua Cat.

Manie Labuschagne with a 1.86m female Raggie caught 500m with the Aqua Cat.


Manie Labuschagne

Hi Clive

Eerste groote met die bootjie.

Pottie Potgieter

Pottie Potgieter with this massive Aqua Cat Catch!

Photo submitted by Pottie Potgieter of his first big catch using the Aqua Cat.


Hi Clive.

I caught this fish with the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper last July.

Lawrence Sham

Lawrence Sham shows off his great catch.

Lawrence Sham shows off his great catch.

Watch Live Video Footage of the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper in Action!