Using Your Aqua Cat

Whenever a new and innovative product is launched on the market, skeptics inevitably emerge along with it. In the case of the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper this has been no different. We have heard it said that a boat like the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo cannot possibly exist and even if it did, such a small boat could never live up to it’s claims. We’re well aware that seeing is believing for some folk and so the Aqua Cat Team is always ready to oblige, turning many a sceptic angler into a proud Dinglehopper owner. Meeting the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo face to face and witnessing first hand it’s spectacular performance in the ocean, usually results in love at first sight and the start of a long and rewarding relationship between man and machine.

The Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo, although highly sophisticated and intricately designed, is a breeze to operate. Each boat comes with easy to follow operating instructions and with a little bit of practice a novice soon becomes a skilled Aqua Cat Skipper. However, should extra help be required along the way, the Aqua Cat Team is always standing by, just in case and we are merely a phone call away 7 days a week.


FISHING: Gone are the days of spending hours in a ski-boat on the water braving the scorching heat whilst waiting for a bite. Now anyone can become a Champion Angler and bring home the trophy! Kids from 9 to 90 can learn to master the controls and before you can shout ‘Getdatfeesh!’ you may have him dangling from your line !

LIFESAVING: You and your Aqua Cat Dinglehopper Turbo will become instant heroes when you successfully tow and deliver a lifesaving device to a bather in distress hundreds of meters into the ocean !

CORPORATE PROMOTIONS: Branded with corporate logos the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper makes a powerful statement at Regattas and water-based events. Displaying messages of cheer the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper is easily transformed into a visual marketing tool that will steal the hearts of many !

YACHT OWNERS: Yacht owners, use your Aqua Cat Dinglehopper to tow a miniature barge from ship to shore or ship to ship to transport small items such as emergency kits, tools etc.

Watch Live Video Footage of the Aqua Cat Dinglehopper in Action!