What is your life worth?

Have you ever tried to paddle your bait out and been afraid your kayak was about to capsize?

Being thrown into the water hundreds of meters out into the ocean isn’t just scary; it’s dangerous. With the Aquacat your fishing trip doesn't have to end in tragedy. You probably won't be home in time for dinner but what matters is that you will make it home.

Always ready for action.

We've all been there. You’re all set to go fishing over the weekend. You're so excited you can almost taste the salty sea air. You can see yourself reeling in the catch of a lifetime. But then, the weatherman rudely bursts your bubble. Heavy rain and howling wind are fast-approaching. Now what?!

You can just picture it. Kayaking and skiing will be hard work at best, dangerous at worst. A drone will be fighting for its life in the swirling wind. Your line will be rocking and dragging the drone along with it. That expensive drone could easily get tangled in the line and end up sleeping with the fishes. Not good!

The burning question remains, now what?!

Well, how about we make you an offer you can’t refuse?

Go to the mattresses with the mighty Aquacat. Built for endurance, she runs in rain, 10ft swells and 40 mp/h wind. Bada bing, bada boom, in no time you’ll be reeling in a fish that will make the family proud!

Hauling baits heavier than 9lbs is a big ask for consumer drones. Batteries run flat after a few minutes and, stability takes a steep nosedive. Throwing on some heavy duty fishing line and tackle only aggravates things.

You’re tired of dodgy solo trips on the kayak but, you don’t have a better choice, or do you?

Meet the Aquacat Turbo X. Robust, rugged, reliable. Your Aquacat takes maximum advantage of hydrodynamics and packs a powerful punch with enough torque to tow a whole fish of up to 20lbs. Wow. Just wow.

Bigger is better.
Alot better.